Half the pleasure of a holiday comes from planning and anticipation. The better the planning & detail, the more successful and satisfying the holiday will be. To fit it all into your planned time schedule you will need information on places, locations and distances, and advice, tips and events.

A Digital Map Measurer will enable you to preset map scaled and easily measure daily distances and pre-book stopovers.

Indellibly mark the maps as you travel. That way they serve as a record and momento of your holiday, the places you stayed, road systems, etc,. Remember maps are cheap and wear out from wear and tear. So don't be afraid to use a coloured highlighter and insert copious notes.

Select maps according to scale and road markings. For road touring map scales are required.

    1:800,000 small scale maps to show relative distances. These are cheap and often purchased at gasolene stations anywhere abroad.

    1:300,000 scale maps for detailed route planning, selecting stopovers, etc. These maps are best purchased online.

The REGIONAL MAP below is scale 1:300,000 and shows scenic roads, main roads and motorways (autoroute/France) (autobahn/Germany). Note also autoroute start/finish toll gates (black bars) are show between where autoroutes may be used without charge (exits numbered in white circles), or with charge (exits numbered in black circles), etc,.

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30,000 specialist maps and publications specifically for global hikers bikers and drivers. Sandfords are a unique specialist established in 1901 located in the centre of London

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Digital Map Measurer £ 9.95

Oregon Scientific MR300 Programable map scale, mini light and calculator, thermometer and clock. Run it over your route and display either Miles or Km.

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Travel Distance Calculator - View your planned trip mileage, journey time, toll road fees, etc.

Touring Europe Homepage

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Microsoft Western Autoroute 2004 PC CD - Click to order online at John Lewis at £49.95

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Autoroute covers 2.5 million miles (4 million kilometres) of streets in 13 Western European countries - Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden and Portugal. If you're travelling abroad you can even learn basic phrases and read detailed articles about places to visit, 128,000 restaurants, 75,000 petrol stations, 33,000 cash machines, train stations, golf courses, etc. Click to see further features included.

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